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About NextHome Select Realty

Mike Nemecek and Todd Langer are the co-owners of NextHome Select Realty. The two met while working at their previous brokerage and quickly formed a strong bond due to their shared background in the retail industry. Over time, they discovered that they had similar ideas and visions for the real estate industry. They realized that they both harbored a long-standing desire to open their own brokerage, as they shared common business goals and aspirations 

Mike and Todd were known for leading thriving teams at their former brokerage. They had established a solid reputation for having diligent, trustworthy, and ethical agents who prioritized the needs of their clients above all else. This mindset was ingrained in them from their early days in the retail grocery industry and they carried it into their real estate ventures. Through their unique philosophies and well-designed systems, they had nurtured some of the most accomplished agents not just within their brokerage, but also in the local market. They were confident in their proven formula for success, but now they needed to figure out how to implement it on their own terms.

Knowing that they wanted to be affiliated with a national brokerage, the search began for finding a franchise that closely matched their own business philosophy. As a challenge, both Mike and Todd searched independently of the other to see what they could find. After a brief time, they met to share their findings & it didn’t take long to realize that they both had settled on the same company, NextHome, to begin the next chapter in their real estate careers.

On Oct 1st of 2022 NextHome Select Realty opened its doors for business to serve the greater Brown County area. 

"Why NextHome?" you might ask. NextHome's business model is centered around people first, which aligns perfectly with the values of Mike, Todd, their agents, and the staff at NextHome Select Realty franchise. With a combined experience of nearly two decades in serving agents and clients, they have always stayed ahead of the curve by keeping up with innovation, technology, and the latest trends in real estate. This makes NextHome Select Realty a unique and unparalleled destination for real estate professionals. 

Being backed by NextHome empowers agents to provide their clients with cutting-edge tools and resources that result in the best deals, maximum protection, and the most competitive offers. The shared commitment to relationships, community, and work ethic make NextHome the ideal platform for Mike, Todd, and their team at NextHome Select Realty to deliver exceptional service to their clients, while staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

As if all of this wasn’t reason enough to be part of this innovative and incredible company, they have the cutest mascot in the business….Luke! He’s our friend, our mascot, our brand ambassador—the friendliest Frenchie, most loyal companion you’ll ever meet. He’s the face of our Charity partner K-9 Companions, he’s also orange and bright and widely adopted and adored by NextHomies (and people who steal lawn signs) across the country…

Mike & Todd believe that a strong support system is crucial to the success of their brokerage. NextHome provides the backing they need, so they can pass that support down to their agents. When clients sign on with NextHome Select Realty, they benefit from the power of the entire NextHome franchise. That means cutting-edge marketing, access to the most innovative tools and technology, & a strong community of real estate professionals that create a foundation of trust and success.

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