What's that Red Building? (Drift Inn)

Dated: February 7 2024

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How many times have you driven down Ashland Ave in Green Bay and wondered to yourself, "what's the restaurant in that red building all about? The parking lot is always full but I've just never tried it."

Well let me tell you, the experience in that red building off Ashland is worth the visit. Go Check Out the Drift Inn!!


The Drift Inn is a local spot that has to be experienced to understand truly why people tell you all the time to go. First and foremost they are famous for their chili, and you will be instructed on this upon your first visit. The employees are all kind, helpful, and fun to engage with so say hi and ask "what's good?" "We are famous for our chili" is exactly what you will hear.

So naturally, when I was there this past Monday I of course ordered a bowl with onions, sour cream, and cheese. Sadly the cheese was missed, but don't worry I asked and they provided me with some cheese to dump right on top. Now I will admit, I grew up and still to this day believe that "chili" does not have noodles in it, but as a resident of this area for over a decade, I understand that it's customary in this region to have noodles in your chili. Let's have the great debate of noodles or no-noodles over a bowl at the Drift Inn sometime.


The Drift Inn is not known for it's fancy cutlery or designer dishes; rather it's know for good comfort food and a fun environment. So as you can see by the chili it's in a classic bowl that has served the purpose of "a bowl" for many years and keeps working. And when your main course of a double cheeseburger with everything (except pickles) comes out, it's served in a plastic basket, wrapped in paper.

Now doesn't that look delicious!!!


Drift Inn is a great "dive bar" category spot that you can go and enjoy a delicious meal; no it's not the healthiest meal you'll find in Green Bay, but it's a tasty meal. I highly recommend checking this out, engaging with the friendly staff who are all wonderful, and enjoying a meal that has been perfected over time. I was happy to have gone this past Monday, and sad while eating it and enjoying conversation that it had been so long since my last visit. Thanks Eric for choosing Drift Inn for us to grab a meal together!!

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