Mental State of Bliss (Bhava)

Dated: February 6 2024

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Shoutout to my friend Beth for recommending we grab coffee this past Monday at Bhava. This was a new one that I have not heard of and that surprises me because usually I know most of the food & drink places in the area. But as I've said before I love to learn about new places and this was an awesome choice.


Bhava is located on Mason St, near Military, and has an awesome drive thru if you aren't able to stay for coffee, but I recommend you do. The coffee was delicious and I even eyed up some amazing pastries in their selection. But honestly what I loved most about this quaint coffee shop was the photo above, which defines the word bhava. I mean this is absolutely perfect because who isn't in a mental state of bliss with a hot cup of coffee. The conversation I got to have with Beth was truly special as we both opened up and shared parts of ourselves that we may not typically share in a professional setting. Opening up and being vulnerable with someone is a powerful thing and truly inspiring to hear other people journey's and stories. I'm grateful to Beth today for recommending Bhava, for sharing with me, and for engaging in a truly wonderful conversation.

As a realtor my job is to help people buy & sell homes, but to do that I need to find people who are looking for those services. You never know how you will meet someone, or who will introduce you to a new client, so I treat everyone equally and fairly, but I'm also willing to open up and be vulnerable with them. I crave those connections with people because when you have a deep connection, they will know they can trust you to help a family member with a real estate transaction. But more importantly, you will have built another friendship in this life and that is more important than any business transaction because the purpose in life is not about making money, it's about serving others and being their for them. 

Clearly I'm not sitting here reviewing coffee & pastries for you, but what Bhava provided was a space to open up and share and we had such a wonderful time that I cannot wait to do it again. If you have not checked out Bhava yet I highly recommend it as it clearly is a place with good vibes to go along with the delicious coffee.


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