Best Pizza in Town (Rustique)

Dated: September 15 2023

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This past week was a special week for me because I got to go to Station 1 Brewing twice, the first of which involved conversation and dinner. But wait, I didn't think Station 1 had a full menu??

You'd be correct, Station 1 does not have a full menu at this time, but they do allow you to bring food in from other establishments. My wife and I met a friend of ours there, as well as her husband, and the four of us connected over beers for a bit (well three of us had beer because it was a special night). After a bit we were ready for dinner, so we got on the phone and called Rustique who is conveniently located less than 1 mile away and we ordered some takeout. 

I honestly think I have eaten at Rustique as many times as I've eaten Rustique at Station 1 Brewing. Did you follow that? Yes, I've enjoyed dinner at the restaurant and it's simply amazing. My favorite part is walking in and being hit by the smells of the delicious food being cooked in the brick oven. Rustique is known for their pizzas but I'll be honest one of the most recent times I went I had a friend order a salad. She ended up not finishing it and let me tell you, this was not just a typical side salad you get with a pizza. Oh no, it was a decent size and a full meal for sure so well worth it to explore other options on the menu. Rustique's website denotes their "El Duque" Cuban sandwich as a signature option, and I've got to be honest, I've never had it. I'm a sucker for their pizzas, but I'll take their word for it that it's amazing and order it one of these times. The quality of the pizzas I've always ordered for Rustique confirms that their cooks know what they are doing and all the other food will be just as good.

Getting back to this past Tuesday, the four of us ordered the Clasico, which is a pepperoni pizza. Now you might be wondering, Ross why did you only get pepperoni when they have all these other options. Well picture Kevin McAllister in Home Alone when he is so excited about a cheese pizza when he's left behind by his family on Christmas. That's how excited my wife gets for a good pepperoni pizza so obviously I'm going to order that every time because I define success by starting and ending every day with a smile on my wifes face. And guess what, this is what makes her happy so I call that a success. The second pizza we got was the Smokin' Pollo and this was delicious, with big chunks of chicken and amazing flavor. You can't go wrong with a pizza that involves chicken, because you can do so many different flavors and Rustique knocked it out of the park with this one.

But that's not all folks. You cannot have a meal from Rustique without getting the Pesto Fries as an appetizer or side for your meal. I have yet to have a meal at Rustique and have any fries left over; pizza you may have left over, but no one ever leaves a fry behind. 

The only downside to Rustique is.... I live in De Pere, so it's more than 5 minutes away sadly. But that sadness is turned to joy after a short commute thanks to a delicious meal. I encourage you to go check out Rustique, on date, with friends, or when you have family in town. And why not either do takeout at eat at Station 1, or go their for an after dinner beer. Let me know when you go, because maybe I'll tag along.

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Best Pizza in Town (Rustique)

This past week was a special week for me because I got to go to Station 1 Brewing twice, the first of which involved conversation and dinner. But wait, I didn't think Station 1 had a full menu??You

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