Good Vibes & Good Food (Ledgestone Vineyards & Gnarly Cedar Brewing)

Dated: June 1 2023

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Sshhh don't tell Station 1 Brewing, but this is my favorite spot to go in NE WI.

If you are looking for good vibes, good music, good people, good drinks, and good food, then look no further. Gnarly Cedary Brewery & Ledgestone Vineyards is the only other spot in this blog similar to Station 1 Brewing in one key way, they don't have a TV. This is what makes these two spots my favorite, because the point of the facility is to enjoy quality time and conversation with those you are with. I have shared many wonderful evenings with friends and family have great conversations and making great memories. Share your thoughts if you have a similar story.

Ledgestone Vineyards started several years ago by two amazing friends of mine and they deserve all of the compliments they receive when you read reviews online. They have worked incredibly hard to build this amazing spot, including winning a Young Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce. They started with good wine and live music in a cozy facility, but they have significantly expanded. 

My wife and I thoroughly enjoy going to Ledgestone in the summer for their live music series. We get a bottle of wine and bring along some lawn chairs and enjoy good music with our friends. And yes our friends bring their kids and dogs because it's a wonderful outdoor space for having fun together. But the wine was so good, we'd go back and spend time with our friends on nights that didn't have live music, simply because it was a great spot to enjoy conversation and camaraderie.

And like I said when Adam & Katrina started this business, they did it right. They expanded to a very limited menu in the early days with some amazing flatbreads and gourmet grilled cheese (let's just say I could not get enough of the Jammin Coppa). As the business grew and the number of people coming to the winery to enjoy time with friends and family also grew. Well what did they do, they started a brewery on site and Gnarly Cedar Brewery was born, and like a fine wine this Brewery has aged quite well. The number of beers brewed onsite has grown and Adam puts his creativity to work as Brewmeister and it shows in the quality beer that is poured every time. I have not only enjoyed several bottles of wine here, but quite a few cold pints of beer as well.

Then like everyone Ledgestone & Gnarly Cedar got hit in March 2020, but they didn't stop. Adam & Katrina got creative to provide great wine, beer, and charcuterie boards to clients and I personally bought many of these as gifts during those couple of months before they were able to reopen. I had to support my friends, and it was easy because their product was so amazing.

Well we are now in a post-COVID world and what has been happening at Ledgestone & Gnarly Cedar; consistency. They have been producing consistent and amazing beer & wine. But SURPRISE, welcome a full kitchen in late 2022 and in true Adam & Katrina spirit it was done right. The menu is spectacular and I have yet to find a sub-par menu item, instead everything is in the "can I have seconds" category. The clear winner you may not expect during the first six months, the burger. A $10 Burger/Pint combination sounds like something you get at a sports bar, but here it's 100% quality. The burger and fries were perfect everytime (yes I had this many times) and you get a pint of quality beer (what's not to love).

2023 is going to be a simply amazing year with this full kitchen, the live music, and amazing drinks, so don't hesitate go visit today!

Oh and I would be remised if I didn't give a shout out to their staff. As I've made clear, I've spent many evenings here and met many members of the staff and I can say is THANK YOU. Everyone is amazing, always smiling, and always willing to help out customers to make sure the experience is great. Adam & Katrina have done an amazing job building this amazing business and I'm so glad I've gotten to enjoy it over the years, and can't wait to go have another drink there with my wife soon.

July 27, 2023 - What a great night at Ledgestone with my beautiful wife!! The weather held off and didn't affect a great night of music and relaxation.

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