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Dated: May 8 2023

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There are many different clients in the world of real estate, and I've worked with several; first time homebuyers, people needing more space or less, people getting married, but potentially the type I like most is relocation clients.

  • First time homebuyers are wonderful to work with because you get to help them achieve a dream for the first time in their lives. The look of joy and happiness when I hand them the keys to their first home is an amazing experience.
  • People in need of more space because they are having more children are always a joy because you are helping a growing family. I mean, come on, how does that not make you feel great as a realtor. 
  • But along with that are folks whose kids have moved out of the house and the parents are ready to have less square footage to clean. Let's face it, we can all agree this is something that would make us happy, so these clients also have a big smile on their faces as well when we close.

All of these are great reasons to enjoy working with different types of clients, and I enjoy them all, but as I mentioned my favorite may just be relocation. Why, you ask? Well the reason is actually quite simple, these clients have a lot going on in life and job relocations can be accompanied by extra stress. I enjoy helping these individuals through the process and alleviating the stress for them. There are two types of relocation clients, those moving to the area, and those leaving, and guess what both come with different kinds of stress.

People that are moving out of town have a lot to deal with; travel, finding a new home, their job, their family, packing, arranging movers, and oh they need to sell the house. As we approach summer here in Wisconsin, we are all reminded of things, we'll need to start cutting the grass for several months and we'll need to run the A/C & dehumidifers. But how do you do this while you are traveling, shopping for a new home, working, and ultimately not in the area where your house is? You find a realtor that cares about their clients, like me, who is willing to go the extra mile to help you during this time. Last year I helped several clients that were relocating for work more than 3 hours away so I speak with experience when I say it's stressful for a homeowner. However, I will also say, I do take joy in helping people during these times, because it's a small act of service that goes a long way in terms of the gratitude they have for me. I am a big believer in saying "Thank You" and it means just as much when I do something for someone else that makes them say "Thank You."

On the flip side, what about people moving to a new location, whether 20 minutes across town or from another state. Well I can say that I enjoy this type of relocation client as well, but for a much different reason, though still an act of service. Realtors are expected to know a local market and be an expert, but in my opinion that goes beyond the houses. As you can see from my Food Blog, I also like to know the area and what people can do for fun and where to eat/drink in the area. It is such a joy to share recommendations with people for local restaurants and bars because sharing a meal together is a great way to build a relationship. Whether its a couple going out to dinner, a family with kids, or someone going out to a local bar and meeting new friends, it's a great way to become a part of the community after moving.

If you're an agent, what's your favorite type of client? If you aren't in real estate, but work with clients in your line of business, do you have a favorite type? Let me know in the comments!

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